Lichtblicke – Heimat finden in Altona und Hamburg
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Lichtblicke - finding a home in Altona and Hamburg

A photo project with refugee teenagers
Foto: Bahar Ghalani
August 22, 2018 - January 2019
Altonaer Museum
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An escape and life in exile mean for most people to face a completely new life situation. Often, those affected leave everything behind and are forced to find their way quickly in a new home. But with what emotions, memories and thoughts is such a process actually connected and what helps refugees to feel at home in an initially foreign country? The exhibition "Lichtblicke" shows images and lyrical texts, which were developed by young refugees of completely different backgrounds and should provide a deeper insight into their world of ideas. The exhibition is a result of the project "wirsprechenfotografisch", which received the Education Award of the German Society for Photography (DGPh) in 2017. The project "wirsprechenfotografisch" uses photography as a universal form of communication and wants to convey new perspectives to refugees through photography. Initiated by the Islamic and political scientist and freelance photographer Joceline Noelle Berger in March 2015 in Hamburg and reinforced by the communications designer Tobias Hoss and the photojournalist and filmmaker Mohammad Al Bdewi, the team has been able to realize eight photo projects with refugee youth since its founding.

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